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Monday, November 7, 2022

Bee meeting tuesday night

Remember the meeting Tuesday night at 6:30.

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Cullman Beekeepers Association Website Link
Meeting time is 6:30 pm and the directions to the meeting location are on the first
page of the website about half way down the page. Click on the link above to go there.

If you are new and would like a partial listing of Beekeeping Supply catalogs, please click HERE.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Fwd: Alabama IPM/ Sustainable AG Newsletter Volume 13, Issue 18

Volume 13, Issue 19
November 4, 2022

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Operation Grow Updates for Military Veterans

Farmland Improvement Grants

Through program funds, Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) is proud to offer farmland improvement grants for therapeutic farms through the At-Ease program. A "therapeutic farm" is any farm or property that has the capacity and is willing to allow veterans to participate in agricultural activities. To qualify for this grant, you must be:

1) located in Alabama
2) a farm or land owner who is willing to allow veterans to use land for therapeutic farming or
3) a veteran who owns land and is getting started in agriculture, (also must be willing to be a therapeutic farm) or
4) a non-profit organization serving veterans.




Central Alabama Wildland Fire Training

Veterans, First Responders and landowners in Central Alabama. To train veterans, first responders and landowners in Wildland Fire and Prescribed Burn Management to connect them with other like-minded individuals, give them a new sense of purpose, and pride in belonging, while helping conservation and wildlife in Alabama. See more here.

Operation Grow for Military Veterans Registration

The Operation Grow project, as part of the Alabama Beginning Farmer program, provides special emphasis on the training needs of military veterans interested in agriculture. Alabama Beginning Farmer is led by the Alabama Extension commercial horticulture team. To register for Operation Grow, please follow this sign-up link here. Read more.

Where to Start: A Basic Program Resource Guide for Beginning Farmers

Alabama has a booming fruit and vegetable production industry which generates more than $160 million in revenue and provides employment to thousands of residents. The growth in the industry is also representative of the growth in local food movement and organic farming in the South. If you are a beginning farmer with ambition to grow food crops for clientele you know, you've come to the right place.  Read more here.

Commercial Horticulture and Beginning Farmer News

Demonstration and Research Commercial Applicator Permit Information (D&R)

This commercial category is for pesticide applicators that demonstrate or supervise the use of pesticides while conducting field research. Examples of these applicators include Extension agents/specialists and commercial representatives.

Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association 2023 Conference Registration

Trade show exhibitor registration is now OPEN for the AFVGA annual conference. The conference is set for February 9-10 in Gulf Shores.



Drones Expand Horizons, Create Opportunities for Row Crop Producers

Drones are revolutionizing crop management practices as professionals in the agriculture industry continue to seek ways for farmers to practice stewardship in tandem with profitability. In addition to weather variations, growers also contend with field shape and layout—as well as machine availability and ground conditions. Use of scouting drones and spray drones has the potential to make a noticeable difference in the environment. Read more here.

About the Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program

A commercial applicator is a permitted applicator who uses, or supervises the use, of restricted-use pesticides and other pesticides for any purpose on any property. Also, a commercial applicator receives compensation other than trading of personal services between producers of agricultural commodities. Commercial applicators shall be further identified according to the type of pesticide application they are engaged in.  Read more.

Ground Equipment Mode of Application – General Information (GRND)

The Ground Application Mode of Application test is required as part of other commercial pesticide categories. This is not a stand alone permit. If you are looking for more information regarding permits that require Ground Mode of Application Application testing see the following web pages: Read more.

Digital Resources for Farmers

New 2022 schedule. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System Beginning Farmer program offers special training events for all farmers. This program, with the help of the commercial horticulture team, has several educational activities and digital resources available to everyone from the comfort of home. The 2022 resources are now available. Find links to materials and videos below. Read more here.



Beginning Farmer Videos

 For experienced or beginning farmers, this YouTube playlist has all the information you may need. From pesticides to strawberry varieties, this page is a great resource for many topics. Read more here.


Home and Market Gardens

Four Things to Do in the Lawn and Garden This Fall

Leaves are changing colors, cool temperatures are creeping in and fall is here. The change in the environment means a change in lawn and garden care.   Read more.


Multimedia Updates

New Farming Basics Podcast Episode!

In episode 9 of Alabama Cooperative Extension System's Farming Basics Podcast, hosts Olivia Fuller and Jacob Kelley welcome Alabama Extension Commercial Horticulture Specialist Andre Da Silva. The team discusses the importance of crop varieties and their role in agriculture.
View the instagram account for more information.


New Version for Farming Basics App 

In 2019, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System brought the world of farming to the palm of a farmer's hand with an app. The Farming Basics app opened a gateway of information for small and beginning farmers. Fast forward to 2022—this app has gotten a facelift, providing even more information to farmers. More information.


Farming Basics Online Course

The Alabama Farming Basics Online curriculum is part of the USDA-NIFA funded project that was initiated by Auburn University in 2015. The self-paced online training course provides basic and advanced information about horticultural crop production, organic farming practices, integrated pest management (for weeds, insects, and diseases), marketing, and food safety that is suitable for new and/or experienced producers.  More information.


Current Events and Recordings
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Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series

January - November 2022

Every month a new live webinar on topics from pest management to hemp updates. Watch videos on the Facebook playlist.

Strawberry production meeting

November 10, 2022

Meeting will focus on strawberry production issues. Topics will include weed control and soil fumigation, disease management, variety selection, and budgeting.
Read more information here.


Green Industry Training Center Events


See the latest workshops and classes through the Green Industry Training Center.   To register click this link.


Alabama Association of Conservation Districts 2022 Annual Meeting

November 16, 2022

Join the Alabama Association of Conservation Districts as we begin to celebrate our Oak Anniversary.  Register.


AFVGA Annual Conference

February 9-10, 2023

The Alabama Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association (AFVGA) Annual Conference and Trade Show, formerly held each fall, is Feb. 9-10, 2023, in Gulf Shores.

Enhancing H-2A Knowledge for Fruit and Vegetable Producers

November 7, 2022

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Alabama Department of Labor, and Alabama Cooperative Extension System will provide grower education on the H-2A guest worker program.  This education will provide guidance on the rules and regulations of the program, process for completing applications, insights into the economics of working with H-2A labor and enhance knowledge of the historical importance of the program.  Attendees will be better positioned to secure the labor necessary for their agricultural production.  1445 Federal Drive Montgomery, AL 36107, 8:00 AM

Private Pesticide Applicator Training/Testing

January 2 - October 4, 2022

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be teaching several private pesticide applicator training classes. These classes are designed for the farmers who need to take the private pesticide applicator test in order to purchase restricted use products. However, we will be discussing chemical safety and sprayer cal